Ive really been wanting to do this for ages and never got around to it or decided that noone would be that interested . However , I just decided today that a new dawn has arrived and that frankly who cares , I’m just going to get on with it.

There are lots of excellent CAFC blogs already and I’m afraid on the whole thats what mine will be about , but with some other opinionated stuff along the way about politics, economics , education , the UK and anything else I fancy rambling about.

I’m sure you will tell me if you don’t like what I say , but hopefully if you bother to read it , it won’t be boring.

My first point is about the Player of The Year voting on Saturday . As I looked over the tellers shoulder on Sat , it looked very much to me like an avalanche for ”five foot three he’s better than John Terry” , although I voted for our favourite Breton . The guys near me have already decided that I have some kind of homoerotic thing going for the Frenchman which I vehemently deny. However , despite the fact that Chris Solly is absolutely brilliant and definitely destined for great things ( a la Paul Parker if you remember him) , you don’t win leagues with the best right full back in the division, so surely people , it has  to be Kermit , the best header of the ball I have ever seen at Charlton , including  2) Matt Tees and  3) Shaun Bartlett

5 thoughts on “A NEW DAWN FOR ME & CAFC ( HOPEFULLY !)

  1. Albury addick
    A very brave decision to start writing a blog.
    I cannot disagree with anything you have said in your first attempt.
    Kermit is simply wonderful, the best header of a ball that I have seen, and I have rarely seen any player who puts in that amount of commitment every game.

    Billericay Dickie

  2. Well done Jimbo , although you are being a bit shy about your love for the Frenchman , it is nothing to be ashamed of , he is brilliant. We probably went a bit far singing the French national anthem to him on Monday though.


  3. Welcome to the world of blogging. Good luck! Tough times ahead but it can be hugely rewarding!!! I look forward to your thoughts. I’ve added you as a link off my CAFC related blog…

    Tough choice for POTY this time around. I went for Solly ahead of King Kerm but there was nothing between them. And that’s tough on Morrison & Wiggins, of course.

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