Ched Evans and the omnipotence of one

Some of you will no doubt have picked up on the current trial ( for rape) of Ched Evans , Sheff Utd’s super striker . If not , see here

I have 2 questions here , firstly how does it work , you would have thought that being accused of such a serious crime would have resulted in a custodial sentence awaiting trial and secondly if he gets found guilty , I guess an immediate prison sentence , which if it happens next week is  likely to seriously affect the Sheff U promotion run in.

I don’t know how many of you saw the Ken Livingstone PPB last night , which regardless of your political stance, was really very good. The thing that strikes me about senior politicians now and Ken is a huge exponent of this , is the tendency to say that I did this , I did that , I’m going to do the other.

Am I the only person who finds it a bit worrying/alarming  that Ken says ‘I will reduce fares by 50% ‘ , ‘I put hundreds of police back on the streets’ ‘ I made it safer for cyclists ‘ etc , you get the drift .

Does he actually work with anyone else or does he make all these decisions single handedly , what shall I do today ?  I know I think I’ll order a few new bendy buses ……. and then tomorrow , who knows , maybe I’ll declare war on Ashby De La Zouch.

2 thoughts on “Ched Evans and the omnipotence of one

  1. The reason Ched Evans is currently not In custody awaiting trial is that he probably has no police record, and the case in not forgone conclusion i.e he may get found not guilty due to evidence. He is not be likely to breach his bail conditions or not attend at court. Plus people are innocent until proven guilty so remanding someone whilst awaiting trial has to be justified. I would be surprised if he got found guilty!

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