Miguel and the heebie jeebies

There is no doubting that Miguel Llera is a lovely footballer , a cultured player . After watching him careering down the wing on Saturday to deliver a pinpoint cross for Gary Madine to score and then following it up with a brave headed goal of his own , fans of the Massives may be wondering why we gave him away . Sometimes , I wonder too. Certainly when you recall the subtlety of his first touch and sublime finish against Swindon on Boxing Day 2 years ago , it is difficult to fathom his release .

But wait , I here you say , I was at the Weston Homes Community Stadium  that fateful night 3 years ago . Oh yes, I remember that night , we were all expectant that our good start under Parky would continue. It started OK , we looked solid and then we watched as Miguel Llera kind of disintegrated in front of us , Kayode Odejyai , a bull of a centre forward , pushed , bullied and dominated our Spanish hero into complete surrender . A hatrick for Odejyai, he could have had 6. Poor Miguel was substituted early in the second half and Sam Sodje started to compete , no more goals. It was really one of the most complete confidence collapses of a centre half I have ever seen

As the Team bus pulls in on Saturday is it too much to hope that Miguel has  a sudden attack of the heebie jeebies ?

Tennis players like me were disappointed to see that the LTA lost £500k funding this week because of unfulfilled participation figures . But tennis fans , don’t despair because LTA President Peter Bretheren is the guy in charge . Asked to explain last weeks Davis Cup defeat to Belgium , he said ‘ The Board has a strategy . We know what the strategy is. The putting into practice of the strategy is part of that strategy and the board is satisfied with the strategy and the way its been put into effect. Until the board decides otherwise , thats where we are ‘ ………………….. , no need for us to worry then , UK tennis is in safe hands .

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