Where were you ?

I thought the crowd yesterday at 18,539 was very disappointing considering that promotion had already been achieved and a title was likely to be earned . It got me thinking about where I was when previous achievements have been crowned . In 86, I was at Carlisle to enjoy the day and night and after the game we gave Lennie Lawrence a magnum of champagne to enjoy on the bus back . I couldn’t remember where was I in 81 ,couldn’t understand why I wasnt at Carlisle then too , until my mate reminded me yesterday that it was his wedding day . I missed last Sat at Carlisle because we were putting our daughter on the plane for her gap year travels round NZ & Oz.

Of course I made the Wembley play off final and a couple of years later I got to Notts Forest

What about 74/75 as I watched the guy run on the pitch yesterday and display swerves that Gareth Edwards would have been proud of and I muttered ‘stupid boy’ under my breath like Captain Mainwaring.

Well do you know what I was about to do back then ?  and do you know what ,the grass is still a bit green almost 40 years later ………………..



Stupid Boy …………………………………………


By the way . next years signings are all going to be like this bloke


2 thoughts on “Where were you ?

  1. Just thinking how boring it must be supporting Arsenel and the like , ok they play to bigger crowds and bigger teams and all that , but they havn’t won anything for years and all they do is moan when they loose ( or win come to that).
    Some Gooner at a meeting I had the other day said ” I wouldn’t have known that Charlton were promoted if you hadn;t told me” was typical.
    My reply which had head and arse in it probably didn’t do our business relationship much good but hey ho.


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