Zoot Alors .. Ou Est M. Kermogant ?

Dear Sir Chris , I wonder if it might be possible in future ( for end of season jollies only , you understand) to inform us in advance of what the team is going to be ?

You know ,I wouldn’t normally ask but in the event that we have spent all week learning the words to the Marseillaise ,belting it out pre match in the pubs of Preston to the collective bewilderment of all those pigeon fanciers, cutting out flags of Brittany , sourcing berets and tricolours , its a bit deflating to arrive in the ground having consumed cinq ou six demi-litres of seize soixante quatre to find that M .Kermogant.

Il n’est pas ici !!

Despite our best efforts to reinvigorate the French theme with Messieurs N’Guessan and Evina , they were frankly having none of it and really by that point , we had lost a considerable percentage of our overall joie de vivre.

So Chrissy in the interests of the old entente cordiale between club and fans , would it be OK if I called you for a sneeky teamsheet peak before next years jolly day out .

yours………..la plume de ma tante

3 thoughts on “Zoot Alors .. Ou Est M. Kermogant ?

  1. Dear Albury Addick, i will immediately start a search in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the missing Yann. You never know he may have been abducted by the Foreign Legion for their forthcoming match against the South Sudan Strollers?

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