Varney Leaves – Not a Good Sign

It is difficult not to conclude that the loss of another Charlton supporter from the Board , particularly one as passionate , long standing and sensible as Peter is a big blow. Without any inside knowledge at all , I would suspect that Peter’s departure has as much push about it as jump. I see there is no statement from him which looks a bit suspicious. 

The club is now truly run by people who support other teams , which I can never really come to terms with. Lets hope Richard Murray hangs on in there

I would suggest that today heralds a worrying future for the club.


Harry Cripps would have been proud

At great expense , I joined the massed ranks of hoorays to watch the Queens Final yesterday . Just for the avoidance of doubt this is what I witnessed

The delivery of the shin kick was reminiscent of Harry Cripps in his prime  . Despite the cost and general frustration caused by the incident curtailing my fun , I was very well behaved and did not join in the general booing , stamping of feet and waving of programmes that ensued . I took it all in my stride , that was until that nice Sue Barker  from Question of Sport came over the microphone and told us all to shusshhh…….

Now I don’t know about  you , but I’m really not very happy when someone tells me to shuusshhh , even more so when I’m not doing anything .

All the hoorays stopped booing as if responding as one to the call from Matron …there I was left emitting my solitary loud boo . Oh dear , really not me atall

Bunting City

You can’t say that we didn’t enter into the spirit of it all in our little village .

When we reach the Premier League , maybe I’ll be able to persuade the Parish Council to put up a similar show … although perhaps I’m in the wrong county !