Daddy I’m falling for a monster

He’s big and he’s bad, I love him like mad  and Mumma ,he’s the best Ive ever had  ( the lyric from the current hit from Stooshe)………. Not really the sort of message you ever want to hear from your own daughter is it ? It doesn’t even seem to be a terribly sensible route for the young lady singing either ……..

However , when it applies to your football team , its kind of alright isnt it .

As the new season approaches , its difficult to understand how teams actually go about buying new players . Do they really have a list of targets and in Charlton’s case , we don’t mind if the centre half or midfielder we eventually get was number 38 on the list of desirable centre halves or indeed wasn’t on the original list atall .

Perhaps SCP and Mr Jiminez sit down start a A for Arshavin , shouting them out like snap until they get to Z for Zonko.

Anyway, we seem to be stuck at B for Baldock , so don’t worry there’s the whole of the rest of the alphabet to go through yet , really not sure about  David Goodwillie though , heavens knows what fun Stooshe would have with him

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