Sport , Jim – but not as we know it ?

After attending a number of the Olympic events , I think I know which was my favourite . Look I know they made it up 10 minutes ago and yes I know the worst injury you can get is a hurty forearm, but lets face it dancing around with a beachball to disco music thats the sort of all inclusive sport we can all do .

On the Charlton front , I tend to side with the doom mongers . Frankly , any organisation that gets rid of Peter Varney and Steve Kavanagh and replaces them with some bloke who ( according to Linkedin) has only ever worked for Umbro and comes from Manchester ( like Mr Slater) and has no affinity with the club is not going in the right direction . Its a mistake !

I see from the twitter feeds that SCP was watching Watford last night . What price a return for Chris Iwelumo ??

Anyway, all will be clearer soon . In the meantime , I will be researching the stats on my new hero , zara dampney , the UK beach volleyball star . She can’t really be called dampney , can she ?


One thought on “Sport , Jim – but not as we know it ?

  1. Dear AA, Fred shared a house in Oxford with Zara D’s younger brother so I may be able to sort out an introduction for you !!! Wobbly.

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