Super Charlton

Phew , is every game going to be like that . If so I think I will have to raise my own levels of fitness this season if I’m going to make it through to the end . As I twitched and grunted my way through defending every ball and cross in the last twenty minutes , the bloke sitting in front of me actually got cramp in the 93rd minute. It was totally exhausting

What a fantastic game of football , I thought both sides were brilliant . If Leicester play like that every week , they will win the Division and get a few 5 or 6 nils along the way. Our team was brilliant 1 to 11 , 100% energy and commitment , great goals from BWP and Kermit . My only word of caution is for the Skipper . I know he got clattered early on , but he always looks a little injured /below par to me . I don’t think we will get more than 20-30 games a year from him.

I don’t remember this division being quite so competitive last time , but I guess its been 5 years since we were competing properly with its better teams.

Whether we will have enough strength in depth and financial firepower to last the course as a contender seems questionable , but we won’t be lacking for team spirit and managerial talent.

Last night , we certainly got our Charlton back , but if its like this every game , I’m back to the doctor for some beta blockers.

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