Midfield heart not strong enough

Having watched 4 games now in which to be fair I thought the opposition were a bit better than us in all of them , it seems to me that the problem is pretty obviously in the middle of the pitch . In a way its slightly perplexing , because Chris worked that out last year which is why he brought in Russell .

The heart of the team , Jackson (not quite good enough) , Hollands ( not quite good enough) , Stephens ( probably good enough) , Pritchard ( not quite ready) , Kerkar ( bit lightweight)  is where the problem lies . I’m sure if we sort out this part of the team , we will be OK defensively and up front . At the moment , we are getting outbullied and out muscled , we start to get dominated . He needs to find a Shaun Derry type person to boss/bully the middle of the pitch and give the others confidence .

I’m sure we will be OK and I’m still hopeful of a mid table or better finish , but this has to be sorted sooner rather than later.

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