I woke up and we were Stoke

Did I miss something , but we seem to have steadily become a ( rather sub standard) imitation of Stoke . Kermit is my favourite player , but ever since his arrival we really ditched playing pretty football for the long ball .

That was OK last year because he is brilliant and it worked , but last night —- oh dear — oh dear . We are stuck in long ball hell , a succession of crosses , free kicks and long throw ons into the box . The last 20 mins or so against Blackburn was the same. I even think we put too many men in the box . Last night , BWP’s goalbound shot looked to me to have been blocked by yet another one of our forwards in the box. Only in the last 5 mins did anyone ( ironically ex Stoke man , Fuller) realise that someone had to come out of the box to make space , a different angle to try and drag some of their defenders out too .

Watford were quite comprehensively the poorest team we have seen at the Valley this season . The guy that got sent off was their best player , the rest of them seemed incapable of passing the ball 5 yards without losing it or falling over in feigned agony. The problem is not that we lost , but that we lost to them and I confidently predict that they will be in the relegation mix all season.

After we beat Leicester , I said they were brilliant and would get promoted , so hopefully I am even handed !

My worry is that I’m not sure where the creativity will come from . I don’t recall in my lifetime that we have ever got a good result at Blackpool and have frequently let in three to five goals , so don’t hold your breath for Saturday

3 thoughts on “I woke up and we were Stoke

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  2. I have read all the blogs written so far and yours is the one I agree with most – Watford have been exalted in too many Charlton supporters reports. I agree with you that they were the poorest team to visit the Valley this year…….. Behind Enemy Lines

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