Curbed Enthusiasm

I’ve been going to Charlton for 45 years now through periods of misery , mostly misery , more misery and the occasional blue sky and success and God willing I’m not about to stop going soon .

I have a couple of 20 year season tickets, so I don’t think you can question my committment to the cause

However , there are times when results and circumstances dim the enthusiasm and I’m certainly feeling that now . Its such a shame that we lost the impetus that last year gave us .

It was obvious in the summer that the lack of any new recruits particularly in the middle of the pitch was going to make it a difficult year . I am sure that its not easy putting your hand in your pocket to find £3-5m every year just to keep the bus on the road , but its a shame that another £2-3m to fund 3 quality additions couldn’t have been found when we already had the momentum of a winning side . I would have thought that a push into the play offs would have been entirely feasible .

You never know I might dredge up some enthusiasm to make it along tonight , but if not , can someone give them an encouraging shout from me


4 thoughts on “Curbed Enthusiasm

  1. It is actually very easy to doubt your commitment. The fact that you put your monetary input above attending matches highlights this.

    Far too many “bloggers” are showing their fickle side at the moment when they should be encouraging support. (two notable exceptions)

    • Blimey that’s a bit harsh , the monetary input never crossed my mind. I bought the tickets because I’ve been a fan , going every week for 45 years and shopping isn’t a very attractive alternative. Anyway , I went and enjoyed every minute, well all bar the last 6 ! . It seems to me that blogging is different for every blogger but I guess we all express essentially personal perspectives.
      I’m probably getting a bit long in the tooth to issue the rallying cries , but I like it when I read others who do – so your point on that is a fair one – thanks for your feedback

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