The Crowd

Despite foreboding , the onset of pessimism and a blinding migraine headache , I made the 3 hour round trip last night . Thank God I did.

Isn’t football just great ?  When we were 2-0 down , I was quietly praying that we would avoid a cricket score , the bloke behind me was advising Danny Haynes to remove his gloves otherwise he would remove his teeth and the players looked like they’d just got off the bus in a pub car park on a Sunday morning . We were all wondering what it is that justifies Johnnie Jackson’s place every week and then …. and then …. when the ball fell from the goalie’s punch there is only one bloke in the team you would trust to put it back unerringly … the skipper  .

The rest was a mostly delirious blur until the last agonising 6 minutes .

There were a couple of things that worried me , I don’t really understand why in any circumstances, you would choose to play your 2 best players out of position , Solly & Morrison.  The other thing is I’m really not sure what SCP would have learnt from the game , maybe that attack is the best form of defence , but apart from that it was difficult to tell .

A final heads up for the crowd and the North Stand choir in particular . They were fantastic all through , the support when we went 2-0 down was inspiring and I’m sure it was a factor in the revival. Not sure why the North Stand aren’t as loud as that every week … has the drummer gone part time ??

Enthusiasm returned , well it never really went away I was only kidding ………………

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