Attack best form of defense

Yesterday was a very big disapointment, but entirely predictable .
Luckily , I’m not the manager, but for the life of me , I struggle to understand why ( when you are 1-0 up at home against one of the poorest sides in the division) you don’t try and stop the aerial bombardment by trying to play the game in their half instead.
Llera has some interesting talents , but defending is not one of them. Anyone who saw him bullied into embarrassing submission at Colchester a couple of years ago by Odejayi will know how good he really is i.e not very. Fuller would have completely murdered him .

Also , anyone who went to Watford will have noted how Fuller & Kermit completely ran the show dominating the Watford defenders, unyet, since then we haven’t seen Fuller atall. I understand why we play like this away from home , its logical and its working . But at home , its obviously not working and we have to be more expansive and ambitious
I guess the plan was to hold onto the 1-0 lead but it never looked possible given the enormous physical challenge posed by the Weds players.

We had a good bench yesterday capable of turning any game or to bring a new dimension , but to wait until the 92nd minute to bring all 3 subs on , definitely a case of too much far too late.

Millwall Intellectual actually one of us ?

It was shocking to read in this morning’s Sunday Times magazine  that Millwall Intellectual ( I know its probably an oxymoron ) is really one  of us after all.

The amazing revelation that leads me to this conclusion is that his real career ambition was to be a train spotter ,   sorry I mean train driver . Come on its near enough . After years of sarcastic comments about Charlton fans being anorak wearing train spotters etc , Rod finally reveals himself , at heart , he is just one of us.  Come on Rod , come over to the bright side. Kelvin Mackenzie did it and I’m sure you two would get on like a house on fire. Also, I bet Jim Davidson is just your type of chap.

Rod Liddle

After the last 2 games , Watford away , which was fantastic & life affirming , followed by Huddersfield at home which was morale sapping & dreadful , its difficult to know what to make of Charlton . The disturbing statistic that we havent won a Saturday home game all season says it all really . Somehow a change of tactics /personnel is required to put this right otherwise  the crowds will continue to drift down. The other thing that concerns me is the poverty of the football itself . Yesterday’s incessant barrage of high balls was as hopeless and boring , as it was unproductive .

It seems to me that the 3 elements  that the current Palace team have that we don’t  are 2 good wingers , Zaha & Bolasie servicing a half decent 20 goal a year striker , Murray.  The rest of the team probably isn’t much better than ours.

Anyway, lets hope for better things on Saturday and some new arrivals to brighten things up . I guess its not a good sign on the transfers out front that Solly  was nowhere to be seen yesterday.