Attack best form of defense

Yesterday was a very big disapointment, but entirely predictable .
Luckily , I’m not the manager, but for the life of me , I struggle to understand why ( when you are 1-0 up at home against one of the poorest sides in the division) you don’t try and stop the aerial bombardment by trying to play the game in their half instead.
Llera has some interesting talents , but defending is not one of them. Anyone who saw him bullied into embarrassing submission at Colchester a couple of years ago by Odejayi will know how good he really is i.e not very. Fuller would have completely murdered him .

Also , anyone who went to Watford will have noted how Fuller & Kermit completely ran the show dominating the Watford defenders, unyet, since then we haven’t seen Fuller atall. I understand why we play like this away from home , its logical and its working . But at home , its obviously not working and we have to be more expansive and ambitious
I guess the plan was to hold onto the 1-0 lead but it never looked possible given the enormous physical challenge posed by the Weds players.

We had a good bench yesterday capable of turning any game or to bring a new dimension , but to wait until the 92nd minute to bring all 3 subs on , definitely a case of too much far too late.

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