2 up front

Enough said about the game . We were very poor . Despite what people are saying on twitter , Notts Forest are not Barcelona and without the sending off , I don’t think the result was a foregone conclusion. Although Forest had lots of possession in the first half , I don’t remember a decent shot on target from them either .

Despite SCP’s admission of guilt for Kermit, from my seat not that far away in the East Stand , it wasn’t a sending off . The linesman on the other side of the pitch cannot possibly have seen it from where he was. The decision cost us the game and forfeited , quite unfairly , c 16,000 people’s entertainment for the weekend.

Anyway, my main point as per previous blogs on this subject is that we will continue to lose home games if we play unadventurous one man up front at home. It works away from home , but it doesn’t work at home.

What we need is 2 up front Chris.

2 up front

Alright , alright , I know its not technically appropriate or politically correct, but I couldn’t find an interesting technical description of the formation on FIFA Football Manager and  come on we all need cheering up .

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