Renew your season tickets – thats an order !

I had a call from the club about whether I was going to renew my season tickets , lounge passes etc . I thought about it for , errrr 15 seconds and said well Yes
Notwithstanding the financial implication which is significant – and I understand why people might worry about that – there is never any doubt that I will keep renewing my season tickets- I mean for heavens sake what else would I do on a Saturday. Shopping’s not a proper hobby and I’d only watch Jeff Stelling and get annoyed at the telly, trying to unravel what Ian Dowie is trying to say .

Now , I know we are useless at home ,I know that we havent got any money , I know that the owners have no affinity with the club ( aside from Lord Murray) , I know that theyve put the prices up , I know that unless Sheik  bin ‘do a deal with a couple of chancers’  comes along we will be in deep trouble next season – but hey I’m a Charlton fan – isn’t that what we do .


Your club needs you more than ever

you know it makes sense , renew, renew, renew …………………………………………………………..


3 thoughts on “Renew your season tickets – thats an order !

  1. Sorry everyone but after an almost unbroken run of 36 seasons, I’ve had it.
    I cannot remember such a depressing season as this. Perhaps it is the hangover from last years outstanding & record-breaking season (we were never going to do a Norwich or Southampton, were we?) but more likely our abysmal home form. We can’t buy a win at the moment.

    I turn 50 in a couple weeks and frankly, i just can’t be bothered anymore. I would rather shout at Jeff Stelling with a a glass of beer in my hand in the comfort of my armchair. My 14 year old is naturally pi***ed off but he’ll get over it, and no doubt will find his own way to The Valley in a couple of years or so.

    For the record, SCP still has my full support but ironically, my son wants him to go!

    I don’t think I will be the only one….

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