Charlton should have moved to the Olympic Stadium

Calm down , I got your attention didn’t I

Following West Ham’s planned & exciting move to the Olympic Stadium , which has the potential to reduce our crowds further , it occurred to me that part of the reason our fans are so out of sorts at the moment is not just the home form , its the lack of a plan , a vision, a statement of intent or indeed any kind of communicated thought from the owners.

We used to have a plan – the Valley was going to become a 36,000 seater stadium , we have seen the artists impressions , we were going to harness the latent support from all the housing development going on in the Thames Gateway corridor . If not , a move to the Greenwich Peninsula was on the cards , a purpose built stadium . We ship in Scandanavians by the plane load via City Airport. Valley Express expands to 800 coaches , Rick Everitt creates Target 40,000 , etc , etc , etc
I know that relegation from the Premiership was a body blow , but surely we should still have a vision and a workable plan to get there by 2016 or whenever.

All businesses of any merit have a plan. Football is a funny business because most clubs rely on one or two very rich shareholders and 5,10 , or 20 thousand very small contributing ‘stakeholders’ . In most cases , but not all , the couple of rich shareholders communicate the bones of the plan to the stakeholders. Not so at Charlton.

All we know is that they aren’t Charlton fans and so we can guess that in all likelihood the plan is to try and sell it for more than they paid for it as soon as possible , Weve certainly seen a procession of relatively swarthy gentleman ushered through the lounges by Mr Slater — ” yes , these people sitting at these tables drinking beer, we aren’t entirely sure who they are but here in England theyre called fans , but in the Board room we call them the mushrooms because we keep them in the dark and feed them – well you now what ……………… anyway, look over there thats called a table and those things gathered around it are called chairs and I’m pretty sure this red thing we are standing on is called a carpet – Well thats the tour over , could you just make the cheque payable to TJ & Cashy , Bank of Bolivia , Cayman Islands branch

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