Bada Bing and the Russians

Tony Soprano

Am I the only one who has noticed a certain likeness between owner TJ and you know who ?
News that the Russians may be coming to join the party certainly resembles the plot line . Where have TJ and Michael Slater set up Bada Bing . Is it out the back of the Beehive or the Ramblers Rest ( Chislehurst being the hood). If anyone finds out , can you let me know – purely for investigative purposes you will understand.

Lets hope no one ends up sleeping with the fishes in the newly cleaned up Quaggy.

and the shirt sponsor’s name is ……….

Last year , I made a big song & dance to my mates at Charlton about who on earth would want to wear a shirt with the name of a bloody air conditioning company on it .
Don’t get me wrong , I’m not a luddite when it comes to shirt sponsorship , I mean Nike, Coca cola or Vodafone or Google or Barclays , they are all fine , but Andrews Air conditioning . its just a bit well, how do I put it, ‘ downmarket’ for my team. It feels like we were a bit short handed in the commercial department and in desperation, we went through the A-Z of local businesses and never got past A.
If they had said No , I fancy Berts Boilers would be our sponsors instead or Charlies Caravans.

Over the years , what have we had , The Woolwich ( well at least local, rescued by Barclays) , FADS ( neat but not very descriptive when it comes to Charlton, they went bust at least once ), Viglen ( weird and sadly for them they ended up being bought by that world renowned businessman and mangler of the spoken word , Alan Sugar) Rebus ( very smart but went bust) ,LLanera ( even swisher and they went bust too ) – I hope the kind Mr Andrews isn’t reading this.

Anyway, having told everyone I wouldn’t be seen dead in one – what did my Darling wife decide to buy me for my birthday last year ……….oh look how thoughtful that’s lovely dear , the new Charlton shirt sponsored by those very nice Mr Andrews chiller units . – just what I wanted ……………gggggrrrrrrrrrr……….

Can we , Can’t we , Will we , Won’t we ?

Its a bit like that isn’t it as we enter the completely daft season ?

Essentially all roads lead to , have we got any money to spend or haven’t we , one minute apparently we are launching bids for Jonathan Obika , the next minute we can’t afford Bill Bloggs from Welling Utd .

One minute , SCP is leading us to Premiership glory again , the next minute he’s off to Wigan because we haven’t got any money to spend and the wages budget is reduced .

Tomorrow we are getting in Simeon Jackson, Noel Hunt , Jay Simpson , the day after that the administrators are due in . – Its difficult to make sense of it all, isn’t it ?

You have to wonder , what is the point of buying a football club that you don’t actually support or have any affinity for , unless you have a workable ( funded !) plan to get to the promised land of the Premiership to get your hands on the £60m a year . I am sort of relying on the logic of that – but hey , who really knows ??