Can we , Can’t we , Will we , Won’t we ?

Its a bit like that isn’t it as we enter the completely daft season ?

Essentially all roads lead to , have we got any money to spend or haven’t we , one minute apparently we are launching bids for Jonathan Obika , the next minute we can’t afford Bill Bloggs from Welling Utd .

One minute , SCP is leading us to Premiership glory again , the next minute he’s off to Wigan because we haven’t got any money to spend and the wages budget is reduced .

Tomorrow we are getting in Simeon Jackson, Noel Hunt , Jay Simpson , the day after that the administrators are due in . – Its difficult to make sense of it all, isn’t it ?

You have to wonder , what is the point of buying a football club that you don’t actually support or have any affinity for , unless you have a workable ( funded !) plan to get to the promised land of the Premiership to get your hands on the ¬£60m a year . I am sort of relying on the logic of that – but hey , who really knows ??

One thought on “Can we , Can’t we , Will we , Won’t we ?

  1. I believe they did have a workable funded plan in the beginning. Unfortunately the money was pulled by our (not so) mysterious backer leaving Slater and Jiminez in the poop. The idea was that we would return to the Premier League as soon as possible and for the investor/sugar daddy to recoup more than his initial outlay. I have no idea why the rug was pulled from under us, particularly as it came after our League One winning campaign. Maybe a falling out between the major players was a factor? Who knows.

    Clearly promotion isn’t something we are going to see any time soon if we actually have few funds to improve the team. We overachieved last season, which is a credit to the manager and the team he has put together. Slater has made no secret that he would love some further investment, but which football club wouldn’t? There are Premier League teams that have been crying out for a big backer for years (Everton is a great example), so why would anybody want to plough money into lowly Charlton?

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