and the shirt sponsor’s name is ……….

Last year , I made a big song & dance to my mates at Charlton about who on earth would want to wear a shirt with the name of a bloody air conditioning company on it .
Don’t get me wrong , I’m not a luddite when it comes to shirt sponsorship , I mean Nike, Coca cola or Vodafone or Google or Barclays , they are all fine , but Andrews Air conditioning . its just a bit well, how do I put it, ‘ downmarket’ for my team. It feels like we were a bit short handed in the commercial department and in desperation, we went through the A-Z of local businesses and never got past A.
If they had said No , I fancy Berts Boilers would be our sponsors instead or Charlies Caravans.

Over the years , what have we had , The Woolwich ( well at least local, rescued by Barclays) , FADS ( neat but not very descriptive when it comes to Charlton, they went bust at least once ), Viglen ( weird and sadly for them they ended up being bought by that world renowned businessman and mangler of the spoken word , Alan Sugar) Rebus ( very smart but went bust) ,LLanera ( even swisher and they went bust too ) – I hope the kind Mr Andrews isn’t reading this.

Anyway, having told everyone I wouldn’t be seen dead in one – what did my Darling wife decide to buy me for my birthday last year ……….oh look how thoughtful that’s lovely dear , the new Charlton shirt sponsored by those very nice Mr Andrews chiller units . – just what I wanted ……………gggggrrrrrrrrrr……….

5 thoughts on “and the shirt sponsor’s name is ……….

  1. Why does it matter? For one thing Andrews are a local company who have been supporters of the club for a long time, for another they are prepared to part with money to have their name on our shirts. The shirt manufacturer and sponsor are as important to me as the brand of toilet roll in the Valley toilets. How the club and the players conduct themselves on and the field, that matters.
    If I were young enough to wear a replica shirt I would be proud to pull on whatever a Charlton team containing Kermit, Solly, Hughes, Morro, and Jacko were wearing.

  2. ha. the truth is it doesnt look good as a sponsor and looks more suited to what a sunday league team would have on their shirts. in part this is Andrews fault for having such a cheap crap looking logo. i’d much rather this than a gambling company ,wonga something silly. the shirt looks nice though, i can see us lifting the play off trophey in that. im usualy right about these sort of thing.s

  3. Your right of course it doesn’t really matter, but what does annoy me is that there is nothing available in the shop with CAFC on it but without any sponsers names for less than about £35 quid, and even then you have to have one with that stupid Nike tick on it.

    Lenny T

  4. Those nice people at Andrews could clearly further improve their brand recognition by installing a nice air- conditioned cabin serving chilled beverages at half time.What better way for fans to sample the product ??

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