Wherefore art thou Mr Solly ?


I’ve been to all 3 of this season’s games , Bournemouth OK, not as bad as some people thought , Oxford , great fun ,but ultimately pointless and Boro , terrible , but big Yann won’t have to play against Jonathan Woodgate every week.

My observation on the league games is what has happened to Chris¬†Solly ? He looks to me that he is either nursing an injury or he has at least one eye on a move before the end of August. He just doesn’t look as fired up and interested as he usually is – Hopefully I am completely wrong but I smell a move afoot ¬†

As I left the car park on Saturday, there was an entertaining and heated debate going on between a middle aged ( and obviously agitated fan) and Dean Whitehead about why he only get a yellow when he should have been sent off for the elbow on Yann. I don’t think I’d fancy a scrap with Dean Whitehead – he’s got a forehead like a hammerhead shark – hopefully our intrepid fan calmed down – mind you that’s the sort of passion we like isn’t it !