Woe , woe and thrice woe !

For you younger readers , you won’t have seen Up Pompeii with Frankie Howerd but there was a character called the Soothsayer who kept interrupting Lurcio to tell of impending doom see Ode to Flavia to get an idea of how the programme worked . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIpkNVL1JNQ

Anyway, the point is that when I went on my hols to Turkey 10 days ago , it was all woe , woe and thrice woe from the CAFC faithful . We’ve got no money, everyone’s been sacked , the team’s useless , my mate down the chip shop says he was offered the club for a fiver … you know the routine .
I come back from my hols and here we are , having beaten Leicester ( inevitably) , Messrs Pigott and our hero , Mr Solly have signed new long term deals .
All we need is for big Yann to be awarded the Legion D’honneur which I’m sure is imminent and everything is rosy dans le jardin.

I see nothing but positivity on the horizon – well that’s until the next game of course ……after Watford we will be back to woe , woe and thrice woe .

By the way , if you haven’t ever been to Istanbul – add it to your list – fantastic place to visit , best weekend break I’ve done .

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