Can I have a vowel please Jeff ?

I spent a very pleasant afternoon on Saturday in Watfordio watching our brave warriors from South East London taking on a team brimming with locals from the Hertfordshire area all of whom apparently had surnames ending in a vowel . One particular player , Iriney was of particular interest since his parents had actually omitted to give him a Christian name atall . No matter , we’d soon thought of a short memorable one for him.

How on earth did this happen to our football ? Even at Championship level , Its no longer , Arthur , Derek , Peter and Mickey fighting it out with Fred , Barry , George and Willie is it ? – I think I preferred it then.

Turning to the game , although they were very dangerous when they broke quickly, we dominated possession and probably should have held on . Quite how their number 23 with the impossibly big hair didn’t get sent off for persistent fouling & moaning is beyond me .

Watford are a strange team – they have lots of very talented and fast players  but they also put it about a lot physically , so it was a battle , just like last year.


I’ve never had an particular feeling positive or negative about Watford , but its impossible not to hope they fail . They’ve bought loads of foreign talent over , but apparently in Italy its OK to only have 3 sides to a ground – surely they should build a proper stand first. They could call it the Elton Johnnio Stand

3 thoughts on “Can I have a vowel please Jeff ?

  1. It isn’t all doom and gloom. Sales of ice cream have increased 3 fold in the Watford Area in the past 2 years. Mr Whippy has never had it so good. Oh ah Missus. Titter ye not!

  2. Here is an interesting but disturbing fact when the premiership was founded 20 odd years ago over 70% of the players were of English decent , now it is less than 30%. nuff said

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