Its a Tradition

Losing to Millwall – I’ve been going for 47 years now and we’ve been doing it consistently over that period . We’ve only beaten them once since the Crimean War when they finished the game with 3 men and even then it was a 90th minute disputed penalty. 

I didn’t go yesterday because a) it clashes with my weekly exercise tennis and b) its a 3 hour round trip .  Why bother when you know the result in advance.

To be fair and to take SCP’s point on board – we were missing our 3 best players , Cort, Solly & Kermit . Its difficult to win without them . Nevertheless I don’t understand how Pigott got the vote to start yesterday ahead of the more experienced, 30 goals at this level, England U-21, Sordell .

The midfield lacks an enforcer , bringing Hughes back at the end of last season transformed our results . Stephens deserves an award for the most square passes in a match – as far as I can see , he adds nothing at this level , no invention , no pace , no passing FORWARD . Pritchard & Jackson deserve better help.

Don’t worry though , there is one thing you can all be certain of – just like last year we will finish above Millwall .

We will win at Burnley ……………………..

3 thoughts on “Its a Tradition

  1. “Why bother when you know the result in advance”

    Blimey. Hard to criticise the team for not trying when you never bothered yourself.

    • Ronny
      Thanks for the comment
      There’s a couple of points here 1) I didn’t criticise the team for not trying- my point was that the result ( depressingly, is written in the stars or somewhere similar) 2) I managed Bournemouth and Watford away plus all the other home games including Oxford ……………but remember above all else its supposed to be fun , entertainment , I know its more than that,but essentially thats what the point of it is , so why torture yourself ?
      The games to come will be better !!!

  2. Cort promoted from sub to best player, possibly I like it when he plays. I agree they are better when Stephens plays. Starting without a winger when they were no better than us and there for the taking was ludicrous SCP needs to take a look at himself.

    It might have been appropriate Barcelona at the Nou Camp, but home to Millwall?

    In Harriott and Stewart he had two tricky wingers who may have troubled them from the start. Not when they are 1 fluky goal up and coasting.

    Setting up a team not to lose at home is not good for morale. Doing it against a poor Millwall side is culpable. Stiil as you say, It’s a Tradition!

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