TJ – Let the supporters sell Charlton for you

TJ/ Cashy and Muzza

After watching yesterday and as I reflected in the car home , having reached my twilight years , I really don’t think I can face the thought of watching for the last 15 to 20 years of my life while we scrabble between the Championship & Division 1 ( or worse). Its embarrassing .

I want to be watching Premiership football and I want us to be competitive , challenging in the Top 6 , getting to Cup Finals. If you’ve got no more money to take us forward , please move over and pass it on to someone who has.

I really cannot believe in this day & age that we can’t find a sensible , football loving multi millionaire or billionaire who wants to become an immortal hero in South London.  This is the plan.

1) Get those clever guys in the Comms Department to put together another one of those fantastically uplifting videos including the great work in the community , the plans to develop the Valley to 36,000 – and then further to 50,000 either at the Valley or the Greenwich peninsula

2)Get together as a Board and decide what the price is , lets say its what you’ve already put in ( say £15m) plus a modest profit of £2m .  Be realistic , why would anyone pay you £40m , they might as well wait until you go bust. Agree what  the overhang debt would be repaid to previous directors if we got back to the Prem , lets say £10m – some people have got to take a bath here.

3) Why bother using Keith Harris or Seymour Pierce . Instead, on an expenses only basis so no success/contingency fee ( Lets get a couple of experienced sensible Charlton supporters who know how to sell /promote companies  ) to spend a couple of months , touring the Middle East , Far East , Asia and America with the video and the prospectus . We will run adverts on the radio/ press etc inviting interest in the Sleeping Giant of SE London. We will do a series of presentations – signing Non Disclosure Agreements with those who are serious.  

The Michael Slater softly softly approach of we aren’t up for sale is plainly nonsense – of course we are up for sale , everyone knows it so why deny it.

Its not like they would buying a provincial club like Blackburn , Hull , Wigan or Sheffield United, etc , etc  , its a proper REALLY BIG OPPORTUNITY in a massive catchment area to buy and build a club , which if successful could easily attract crowds of c 40,000 plus every week. We have the whole of South London to go for , plus Kent plus the new Thames Gateway , plus, plus. However , we need someone who has the imagination and money to make that happen.
We need a better more transparent approach than the current Board’s I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. We are losing valuable time and I’m getting older !!!!