Takeover – Off to the Peninsula !

From a source of mine, I had a pretty good idea that the club was being touted around as a property play for investors.

Who knows for sure what the plan will be until someone gives us a clue – and the current puppet board of Mr Jiminez and Mr Slater working for Mr Cash could hardly have been more opaque to supporters. Lets  hope the new people are , at least, straightforward – although given the motive for their investment , that seems unlikely.

As far as I can see , if a property company is buying Charlton , there is only 1 logical play and that is selling the Valley for development and moving to the Peninsula site . Despite spending 45 years of my lifetime going to the Valley , interspersed with small sojourns at Selhurst and Upton Park – I don’t mind going to a new ground on the Peninsula if it is at least as big capacity and quality wise as the Valley and that there is a sensible logical plan to return to the Premier League .

The worry would be that ‘property companies’ are run for a profit by building, developing and selling property .

They are not there to run loss making Football Clubs

I guess we have to hope for salvation and fear for expiration

I can only hope the Chang Kar Shung family ( the new owners of the Peninsula site) read my previous blog about winning the FA Cup for them in 2024 !!!!

One man team

Somehow we managed to lose on Saturday , according to the BBC we had 64% of the play – which is unusually high , although it felt like 94% , we had 17 shots on goal compared to their 9 , 6 corners to their 1 . we both had 4 shots on target and all of theirs went in .
Ross Mcormack was their saviour. He was brilliant and the rest of their team was pretty poor. I’m sure their fans will be optimistic but any team with Michael Brown still fouling playing at its heart won’t get anywhere fast.

Our improvememt continued despite this blip and if we continue to dominate games like that , the climb up the table will continue.

What was it with the requested minutes silence for remembrance – why did the Leeds fans ( and then a few of ours) clap ?Its not that complicated is it ?

2024 – Charlton win the FA Cup ( sponsored by twitter)

May 15th 2024
More than 60,000 souls turned up last night in the driving rain to celebrate Charlton Athletic’s FA Cup winning victory parade around Greenwich , Woolwich & Charlton.
Hero of the day was the Premiership’s longest serving manager , Sir Chris Powell . Coming hard on the heels of the Premiership and FA Cup double in 2023 , plans to expand the Cheng Kar Shung Stadium on the Greenwich peninsula to 75,000 are now well advanced.

The Cheng Kar Shung family have indeed proved to be the most successful and ambitious owners in Premier League Football taking Charlton from the lower reaches of the Championship in 2013 when they acquired the entire Greenwich Peninsula site and through a combination of intelligent investment and committed ambition have taken Charlton to the pinnacle of the Premier League in a decade.

Lifelong fan and blogger , Albury Addick commented ‘we all knew that the potential existed for massive success in South East London , given the club’s history and enormous catchment area – however it took the foresight of Mr Kar Shung to make our dreams come true , giving me an honorary directorship for my part in encouraging the investment was just the icing on the cake and obviously it helped that we already play in red .
Henry Kar Shung commented lyrically ‘ since I was young , I followed them, CAFC the team for me ‘

Mr Kar Shung – come on down and make it happen , you know it makes sense

Powell’s Potential

It strikes me that we have an excellent manager who has the capability to motivate players and organise the team . We really aren’t that faraway from having a promotion chasing team – which was also the case last year . The division is poor again and anyone can beat anyone else . If we are mid table come Xmas , an investment of £2m to 3m could easily see us in the play offs .

We will never know what the Jiminez plan was that convinced Mr Cash to invest – presumably its a property development play on the Valley with a council supported move to the Greenwich Peninsula . You really wonder what due diligence he did on the costs of owning a Football Club .  There are rumours that an investment memorandum looking for buyers is circling the city again.

I know its more money and its easy for me to say because it isn’t mine , but how about changing the tack slightly and backing the manager with a little bit more investment in  players because we have the right guy – he’s a real shrewdie and they don’t come along too often – oh and by  the way , a season in the Prem could be worth £100m or so .

That’s not such a bad bet, Mr Cash , given that you are already a definite gambling man !