Takeover – Off to the Peninsula !

From a source of mine, I had a pretty good idea that the club was being touted around as a property play for investors.

Who knows for sure what the plan will be until someone gives us a clue – and the current puppet board of Mr Jiminez and Mr Slater working for Mr Cash could hardly have been more opaque to supporters. Lets  hope the new people are , at least, straightforward – although given the motive for their investment , that seems unlikely.

As far as I can see , if a property company is buying Charlton , there is only 1 logical play and that is selling the Valley for development and moving to the Peninsula site . Despite spending 45 years of my lifetime going to the Valley , interspersed with small sojourns at Selhurst and Upton Park – I don’t mind going to a new ground on the Peninsula if it is at least as big capacity and quality wise as the Valley and that there is a sensible logical plan to return to the Premier League .

The worry would be that ‘property companies’ are run for a profit by building, developing and selling property .

They are not there to run loss making Football Clubs

I guess we have to hope for salvation and fear for expiration

I can only hope the Chang Kar Shung family ( the new owners of the Peninsula site) read my previous blog about winning the FA Cup for them in 2024 !!!!

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