Neat but ineffective

That was how the Times described Charlton’s performance at QPR and the journalist would have no cause to reach for a different thesaurus when describing yesterdays performance .
The trouble is that the opposition know that if they score a goal at the Valley , particularly the first goal then they are going to win 1-0 because we just can’t score. We lack guile and creativity and real threat in the penalty box .
Mick McCarthy’s team talk went something like this ‘ OK, guys what we do is attack with 11 men for the first 10 minutes , throw everyone forward , launch yourselves like an exocet at any corners or free kicks we get , score a goal and then lets spend the remainder of the game , letting them come onto us because they can’t score if the game lasts until Christmas ‘

We desperately need a freshen up with some real goal threat and more invention in the middle.
Lets hope the Josh Harris takeover story is true and that they give SCP the resources he needs to climb the table .

2 thoughts on “Neat but ineffective

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  2. V true Albury. Also seemed a bit disorientated kicking towards the Covered End in the first half. Like it was a bit unsporting of Ipswich to do that.

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