Deal or no deal

It is difficult to be optimistic right now . Its a struggle on the pitch and who knows what’s going on off the pitch.

We need a goal scorer urgently and probably another couple in central midfield and central defence. I’m not sure I really understand the Michael Slater comment that there is no deal imminent and we are on track in our 5 year plan . I didn’t have the benefit of being there when he said it , but I’m not sure that hovering around the bottom of the championship would feature in any sensible business plan.

My feeling with CAFC is that the Premiership has to be an imperative for a London club like ours because of the huge competition for fanbase and generally other activities in the capital . If you live in Hull or Blackburn or Bolton or Newcastle or Sunderland or Norwich , etc, etc – who else are you going to support , whether you are in the Premiership or the Conference ? . In London, we can all support Chelsea or Arsenal or Tottenham or West Ham .

The lower reaches of the Championship just don’t work for us.

My experience of buy outs suggests that if the deal doesn’t get done quickly , it doesn’t get done at all.

Lets hope I’m wrong and the Lone Ranger and Tonto are about to ride in over the horizon

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