Deckchairs on the Titanic

Whatever formation we play , whoever the personnel ,more or less whoever we play against, it results in the same outcome, 0- something .
It is obvious the players give everything for the manager and that’s partly why the crowd remain so patient , but basically they could change the rules and make the game 180 minutes long and we still wouldn’t score.

It is to be hoped that the Board don’t resort to the blame game and sack SCP . That would be a mistake , but lets face it they’ve made a few.
The games I have seen in sequence this year are Derby 0-2 , Reading 0-1 , Ipswich 0-1 , Leeds 2-4 , Blackpool 0-0 , Watford 1-1 , Boro 0-1, Bouremouth 1-2 , a total of 8 games , including 5 home defeats , 1 home draw and 1 away draw with 4 goals scored by us in over 12 hours of football . I haven’t seen a win all season and we are now at the end of December .

Dear Mrs Agony aunt …..what should I do. ?

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