Happy New Year

It took me 9 games and almost 5 months to see a win which eventually arrived ,appropriately enough,on Boxing Day, bearing in mind that punch drunk is how I had started to feel watching our home games.  – but hey that’s all I needed to reaffirm the faith in 2014 !

Happy New year to everyone who reads my blog , friends , family , Charlton fans around the world and my fellow  ( mostly more industrious ) bloggers , notably Chicago Addick, Wyn Grant, God , Charlton & Punk Rock, Blackheath Addick, Charlton Casual, Drinking during the game , Hungry Ted and any others I may have forgotten.

Lets hope that 2014 is good for all of us and our passions – especially our football team .

Huge congratulations to Jason Morgan on his MBE , thoroughly deserved . If our on the field performances had matched that of our community projects off the field , we would have remained in the top 4 of the premiership , as we were 10 years ago today


Lets hope that 10 years from now we are back there , under new progressive owners



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