Letter to Mr Duchatelet

Open letter to Mr Duchatelet.

1) Please do not sack SCP . We love him , he is a thoroughly decent man and he is the heart and soul of our club , when he celebrates , we celebrate , when he laughs, we laugh , when he cries , we cry. On top of that , he’s an excellent manager.
2) Please do not run the club for 18 months and then run out of money/patience . Your due diligence will have told you that it costs c £5m a year to run the club- please don’t be surprised
3) Have a plan to get us to the Premiership fairly quickly, the Championship is nowhere and will drain your money quicker than you can say Hercule Poirot
4) Talk to the supporters and maintain a dialogue with them . The previous owners thought they were running the Stasi not a football club
5) Keep Richard Murray and take advice from him – ignore the others , particularly that Mr Slater , who is less than straightforward
6) Take a big interest in the community side of our club , the most expansive and well run in the UK.
7) Replace our football pitch with one that’s made of grass.

and Mr Duchatelet , Bloody good luck !!!!!

11 thoughts on “Letter to Mr Duchatelet

  1. OK – agree with all of that – but what can we do for the New Owner not just demands – it a two way street. I am sure being an astute business man he will now the worth of key people and whats at the heart of a club. Foster this with good financial management and people skills (do the opposite to Rr. Slater) and we can not only keep the faith but believe in it!

    • Roger
      He got us out of Div 1 with a new team and record points tally and then nearly the play offs (9th) last season.
      This season because of cash constraints we lost nearly all the spare strikers , BWP, Fuller, Haynes and no money to strengthen .
      Hopefully the new regime will give him some support

  2. I think even thinking getting rid of chris Powell would be sacrilege . Having to cut the budget in his first year by £500,000 from £4.8 million to £4.3 million and then winning so easily the first division championship and with 17 new players is brilliant . More than David Moyes will be doing this season ! With absolutely no money from the last owners he has done brilliantly . You have to be realistic . I would be devastated if Powell was to go . No way ! He has my 110 % support

  3. Excellent piece and sums up the relief all CAFC fans must feel to see the back of Slater and Jiminez and the hope that our proud club will start to flourish on and off the pitch (especially the pitch) from now on. I agree also lets not be negative at this time about our new owner. But just as Belgian players could (have) come to the Valley expect some to go on the reverse crossing back to the Belgian league leaders

  4. I find your points very good but most of them have already been addressed Richard Murray is stayin and all the dead wood in the board has been kicked out. Also the pitch can’t be done as the ground under is blown to bits.
    What I would like to see now is all the dead wood on the pitch gone. Don’t loan out just sell them Danny green to name one just not good enough. Jackson a great player in league 1 but lacks pace in the championship and he should never be playing centre mid in favour of dale Stephens. I like many love chris Powell he is our leader and trust him with most decision but on that one I don’t understand his thinking Stephens is not a winger.
    A few players a winger who can cross so kermit stays in the box instead of drifting to the wing and a goal scorer someone like baldock or even Emmanuel Tomas or both and think the second half of this season could be a very good one.

    • Steven
      Thanks for your comments which are appreciated . To be fair to me , I wrote this before the takeover was announced so I’m happy about Richard Murray , the leaving directors & pitch.The rest is about how much investment the new guy is willing to make in the team and whether he really wants to try amd get to the Premiership. Only time will tell.
      Can’t disagree with you about some of SCP’s decisions , of which the Stephens on the wing move was decidedly iffy.On the whole , I think he works on the basis of getting the best 11 players ( that he has available) on the pitch even if he has to play them out of position.

      • The point on Stephens and Jackson is that Jackson has played on the wing all season and hasn’t been good enough. We played better without him. You post was a good read I was just saying it has happened which is a good thing.
        With the dead wood I would rather see more youngsters given a chance like Jordan has.

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