I know I should be patient and I know its early days and I know Mr Duchatelet needs to work out whats going on first.
I know he has to work out exactly how much money we lose every month , I imagine that Mr Slater was a bit obtuse on that one.
Everyone is telling us that he is definitely not Roland’ Splashthecash’ , which is fair enough.

However , its been a week now – no statements to the press or fans- no press release – no press conference – I think even the last lot did that , even if they didn’t ever have another one.
SCP towed the party line with his interview on CAFC Player , although he was a bit sketchy on detail wasn’t he ?
So far , weve got a left sided midfielder , Standard Liege reserve , who has played twice in the last 12 months and whose sum total of English league appearances is 6 including 1 whilst on loan at Hereford – lets be honest , he’s not going to be of any help is he ?
But don’t worry because hot on his heels is another Standard Liege reserve , a Goalkeeper to add to the 3 ( all quite good) keepers we already have. Why on earth do we need another goalkeeper ??

Its puzzling isn’t it – lets hope there is a plan of some sort to get in some decent players, otherwise it seems that there will be more questions than answers for Roland ‘isthereanycash’

2 thoughts on “Underwhelmed

  1. Underwhelmed???? What on earth did you expect 5 days (not a week) into the new regime (based on when you wrote the post), especially given two of those days are classed as ‘non-working???????

    You’ve not even had a home game yet when you might see the new owner take to the pitch with a microphone or some clarity in the programme.

    Honestly, Charlton fans are an odd bunch sometimes.

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