Mixed Blessings

So there I am in the stands at Aldershot , watching them grind out a 2-2 draw with Halifax , not really caring whether my local team win or lose ( sorry Shots !) , trying not to keep looking at my phone every 5 seconds for the live CAFC updates .

It was bloody freezing and then all of a sudden a cyclone hit the pitch , the advertising hoardings started flying across the pitch the tarpaulin advertising Bert the Aldershot builder came loose from its moorings.

Anyway, no matter , I left with 5 minutes to go , hoping against hope that we would maintain our lead at Hudders . Sensing an upset , I had  (somewhat brilliantly I might add) risked £25 on CAFC to deliver a win at 3-1 .

So there I am , money in pocket , grin on face at 5pm when the mobile rings , no doubt the wife phoning to share in my glee.

‘I think you’d better get home quick’ – it didn’t sound like a fun invitation .


Well there you have it , I’m seventy five sovs up from my clever bet and minus n thousand from my demolished by a cyclone Victorian shed .

To cap it all , I tuned in tonight and as we watched the 5th round draw , I said to the wife before they started , the worst draw  we could get is Sheff Weds away , please god that doesn’t happen …………………………….funny old life isn’t it

One thought on “Mixed Blessings

  1. Hi J
    I wouldn’t by a long chalk call this the worst draw we could get, Away at a similar placed team in the same division !. Only yesterday we went away to a team even higher in the same division and won.

    Admittedly not glamorous, but I’d take it over Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton and a few others.

    Are you after a jolly boys day out against one of the big teams, or a game against similar opposition with a much better chance of progressing ?

    Also will we soon be receiving an email from Captain IL starting “Listen up men” requesting mobilisation plans be drawn up for an impending task force to invade and occupy the Peoples Republic Of South Yorkshire for several hours on the given day.

    Might just be a shed to you but from where I come from that would be home to 28 Polish and Bulgarian black economy workers.


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