Limited Ambition

I have just read Wynn Grants ( an excellent blog) Addicks Championship Diary piece about CAFC supporters ‘ Its being so miserable makes me happy’

Although I am always 100% behind the team when I attend matches , never have I or would I boo the team or players- I guess you could count me in the pessimists corner when it comes to the current situation at the club .
It seems to me that there are too many people who are accepting of the – we’re only Charlton, we’ve been generally useless since the war ( which we have) – we should count ourselves lucky to have an absent owner ( the 2nd on the trot) – at least we aren’t Coventry or Leeds or another basket case.

I don’t want to wait another 3 or 4 years while we try and bed in the youngsters and the Standard Liege reserves – possibly go back to League 1 – before Roland’s great ( as yet vague and uncommunicated) plan takes us back to the Premier League. Its all very well saying that people shouldn’t have to lose money when running a football club . That is , of course, correct and a admirable objective , but in reality football owners always lose money and if Roland turns out to be the only one who doesn’t , its going to be a pretty difficult ride for the supporters over the next few years
We should be a major London club – we have a huge catchment area and we need owners who have the right level of ambition for the club.
We should all be demanding that and if Roland can’t deliver , then tell him to move over and get someone else in who shares our vision.
There is no reason at all why we shouldn’t be competing at the top end of the Premiership.

5 thoughts on “Limited Ambition

  1. I like your coments however; all the positive you have listed have still not attracted the right ower/buyer so far has it? That askes the question as to where the fault lines I would say.

    • Stuart . thanks for the comment . You make a fair point, although ( and I’m not an expert on Man City’s ownership since the war) , I think they’ve had a lot of turmoil and pretty poor non investing regimes along the way over the last 50 years until the Abu Dhabi guys bought it.

  2. The difference with MC was that they did have the Colin Bell/Franny Lee yaers and we have not.
    Well, perhaps if RD gets the club debt free and operating on a low output/budget, a bigger fish may come in? My own opinoin is that we are a ‘good investment’ as we are, but that ‘why not’ qiestion is still there.
    I remember from the Premier days, the ground was approved for development up to 35/40 thou all seater so the due dilligence must have been done as it was all council approved if I remember rightly.
    I’ll still be flying down from Aberdeen to see the Birmingham match and hoping for a win and eventual survival.

  3. God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. Let’s hope that Roland is similarly intending to work wonders, preferably for the club and not just for himself.

  4. Not sure we would ever be competing at the top end of the prenmiership given the current levels of investment required. Lower mid table is what we could achieve but even then, the investment required and risk of relegation (and financial meltdown) don’t even make that appealing.
    8- 1 versus the Shiekh 11 or 5 – 0 to the chosen one? The only respite being Hull? I’d rather not.

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