A whirl of inactivity at CAFC

I know I’m supposed to be enthused by the new regime and in terms of supporter communication Roland is already streets ahead of TJ and Cashy , recognising that the Huffington Post is not the newspaper of choice for most CAFC fans.
However , am I the only one that harbours deep concerns about Roland’s strategy . One of the biggest troubles with very rich , successful people is that they are more convinced of their ‘rightness’ than most other people and that confidence dispels doubters and makes them sound like heretics- even when the rich person is just plain wrong.
It is clear that SCP is going to have to continue with one of the lowest budgets in the Division. All things being equal , that will mean that we will have one of the lowest paid ( and therefore probably least talented) squads in the division . Barring some kind of managing miracle – from the ‘Chris will need to be creative’ stable , it will mean that we will remain uncompetitive. Investment in the successful youth set up is welcome and sensible , but growing your own is haphazard and does not consistently produce enough first team players at the same time to produce a winning team.

I like Roland’s stuff about being the heart of the community , regardless of colour , gender or creed , it will be a lovely place to meet friends, the matchday experience has to be first rate , etc, etc . Roland – mate- the point is that even if you put on half time entertainment which includes a troop of exotic strippers, the Chippendales, an Episcopal Gospel Choir and shooting vertically challenged people from a cannon if we lost 3-0 to Rochdale at home the week before , the only people left luxuriating in the new installed slumberland armchairs, sipping cocktails will be Katrien Meire ,Richard Murray and few other diehards like me ( probably ?).
People come to see winning teams . Its nice to see attractive football too , but if you replaced all the seats with park benches , stopped publishing a programme , stopped serving matchday food and banned alcohol ( I know I went too far, didn’t I ?) and we won 1-0 every week, The Valley would be humming .

One thought on “A whirl of inactivity at CAFC

  1. I saw Roland on BBC London News last night ( that young Karen Bradey type must brighten up the boardroom) and while I applaud his vision of promoting youth and insistance for financial stability that won’t count a drop if we keep loosing and end up in the 3rd then 4th division. His plan could take several years to pay off and I’m to old to wait that long and he is 65 for christ sake.
    Call me old fashioned but nobody hammers this squad so why not spend a fraction of his £450m fortune and get a really good striker and midfielder in to replace Kerm and Dale S even if it’s just on loan deals and go from there.
    However this seems to go against his vision of a youthfull, equal, eurozone type of utopia so it’s not likley.

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