Chris Powell

I am a big fan of Chris Powell’s management abilities . He has done a fantastic job in very difficult circumstances over the last few years.

Watching the QPR game on Saturday , the thing that struck me was that the QPR players didn’t really seem to be putting it all in for the manager and that’s despite having Harry Rednapp, Kevin Bond and Joe Jordan in the dugout – surely you would be scared stiff not to put it all in for Joe Jordan ?  The contrast with the Charlton players was evident and surely that is the litmus test for whether the manager is doing his job . Do the players give everything for the cause and it seems to me with SCP , they do.

I think the jury is very much out on Roland and CEO, Katrien ( although she is both clever and drop dead gorgeous which helps) . Apart from the strangely languid , but talented Astrid , the other foreign imports haven’t really added much , although its still early days and we hope for valuable contributions still from Reza , Polish Pete and the others.

SCP has achieved great things in the last week despite losing ( arguably) his 4 best players, Kermit, Solly, Stephens and Wiggins and by replacing all of them with home grown kids .

From a management perspective – how good is that ??

For God’s sake , sort out his bloody contract !

One thought on “Chris Powell

  1. All the better as the sight of SCP constantly having to beg for his job cannot be good for morale. No doubt the powers that be want to get a cheaper model or get a better price on the current one.

    As you say Albury what he is achieving on what are clearly reduced resources is beginning to to look outstanding. Hopefully, the owners plans will back fire and we will get a good end to the season and retain SCP.

    His tactics may be dodgy, but his rapport with the players and crowd is superb. Swinging on the bar at his age. Maybe he will be getting his boots back on.

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