The Folly of Roland

All I can say about yesterday was that it was a bloody long way to go , especially on the drive home, to watch a performance like that !

Shorn of our best player through a forced sale and saddled with a number of Roland’s , not ready , not good enough , not fit enough, not old enough , not strong enough, reserves , it will take a minor miracle to escape relegation.

I just wanted to say that Roland’s European swopsie idea sounds great in theory , but in practise , its a complete load of cobblers . I like Astrid , he seems committed and certainly has some talent , but he also has the turning circle of the QE2 and he looks like the only who might add anything to the team .

In reality , Roland’s idea of loaning players around Europe just won’t work to anyone’s advantage other than ( maybe) the top club which is Standard Liege , who can move out a few underperformers down the structure . Occasionally , one of the lower teams might get a gem , but as you can see in our case , it will be very rare and no more common than getting a useful  loan player in from any other higher level club. The thought that Standard Liege will get our better younger players is nonsense because Charlton will just sell them to English Premier League clubs instead for more money and by the way if you were Poyet or Cousins and the choice is EPL or Standard Liege where would you want to go – English players generally don’t travel well either.

The somewhat inevitable result of Roland’s Folly will be a continuing decline in performance , a blaming of the football manager and a foreign coach taking over in Division 3.
Chris Powell, of whom I remain a big fan, won’t sign a new contract until football issues are resolved with Roland – i.e Roly, baby , your model might work for a chain of travel agents , but we are supposed to be running a football club.
Someone needs to tell Roland , Hans Christian Anderson wrote about it – its called the emperors new clothes.

8 thoughts on “The Folly of Roland

    • hes 100% to blame sadley lacking the ability to learn from his mistakes and poor poor team selection and team set up, he seems to not like the idea trying to win a game, just not get beaten its happend ever since he took charge even when we won league 1 we was the same

    • Roger
      These things are all about opinions, but in answer to your question – no, not in my book – I think we just do not have enough good players and that showed up again yesterday.

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  2. Agreed about opinion…I respect yours…but cast your mind back to the home game against Millwall…exactly the same. long before Roland took over… Mr Powell is a negative manager and does not motivate the team he got… lucky last season with a string of defensive 1-0 away wins…our home record (where we need to attack) was and still is appalling…

  3. AA – my abiding question is how could the team turn up at Wednesday and thrill, attack and win. Yet, not much more than a week later a different team (with a stronger team?) is turned out, with the shocking inability to pass the ball to each other, let alone make incisive attacking moves. No fighting spirit. Players yet again out of position. Forgive me. I am not of the mindset to criticise CP for the sake of it, but surely some that sits with the manager. It his decision who plays where, what the team set up is etc. I would love to draw differrent conclusions – but feel unable to do so.

  4. Chris Powell is a decent guy and a great manager .He deserved so much better . All he achieved was achieved despite the owners he worked under . When he got us promoted he had a budget of £4.3 million which was half a million less than the wages budget the year before .From Dowie on we have been doomed . Dowie lost us £18 .5 million then we were bought by the money grabbing men who wanted to make a quick buck . The only good thing about getting relegated is that they will lose £4 million off their deal with Duchalet . And Duchalet :………He has the morals of a polecat . He has obviously got no idea of the history of the club and it’s commitment to be decent and fair to everyone . Charlton is now a rich mans plaything not concerned about the fans .The bedrock of the Club . The best way for him to learn is to boycott going to matches and hurt him in the only way it hurts . In his pocket . After supporting Charlton for over 50 years I feel like I have lost my soul .I am so sad , upset and distraught and especially for Chris . A stalwart and hero of the club for so many years .

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