Where were you when they shot JFK ?

I was sitting with my Mum watching the black & white telly and I remember she cried. When the Sunleys and Jimmy Hill decided to move to Palace , closing the derelict Valley , I was on holiday in Paros, it pushed me onto the ouzo for the week.
Yesterday , I was busy tucking into a full English Brekkie in a hotel in Gloucester ,reading the Racing Post and girding my loins for the Cheltenham festival of losing bets and damaging liver when the radio in the corner announced SCP’s departure.
Given that I have been saying that this was inevitable since Relegation Roland took over , it was no suprise , but it made me sad .

Look I have read all the encouraging stuff from other bloggers , New York Addick is always particularly clever and insightful ( are we sure he’s not really George Soros ?) and I will keep coming and supporting , although I’m really not sure if I can take another spell in Div 3.
I’m not looking to spark another debate about tactics /formations /players etc , but I think its really sad that SCP didn’t get the financial support that he needed.

He is an absolutely top man , a man you would run through walls for , a proper gentleman – a dignified , articulate , passionate and committed leader , but above all that he was OUR man !

Our club is the poorer for his departure


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