Roland Out !

I’d really like to lay claim to be the first person to start the campaign to get rid of him . He’s already been here 3 months and we’ve had enough of him – right ? . Lets analyse the evidence.

1) He sold our best player and our only decent striker  2) He sold our 3rd or 4th best player  3) He sent us a load of useless foreign players , none of whom have helped one bit. ( I’m excluding Astrid’s corner against QPR- its hardly a hatrick is it?) 

4) He has sacked our beloved manager , who despite the odd tactical faux pas loved and understood the club and was very successful on a tiny budget . 5) He has sent one of his Belgian mates over as manager ,a bloke whose managerial career , includes less success , at a lower level , than Chris Powell . He is also 12 years or more older than Powell , although apparently he is good at mending laptops , following his lengthy career in IT.

6) According to Richard Murray the big benefit is that never again will we have to sell off youngsters at well below market rate – well , except Diego Poyet, of course – apart from him . 
7) Roland is however fascinated by the whole social environmental side of football and is determined to make the whole experience more entertaining . I’m really looking forward to banding together with the other 6 blokes in the new North Stand Lounge listening to Bold Bolder telilng a joke whilst Rochdale are warming up on the pitch below . Don’t get me wrong , I love the whole social classless society bit at football , but the thing that really turns me on is when that little round thing ends up between those two tall sticks in the netty thing.

8) As I have said before the whole European network of clubs idea is a complete load of cobblers . It doesn’t actually work at any level at all, except just maybe for the top club who can farm out their wage bill and poor performers
In a week when EbbsFleet becomes the site of a new garden city and yet more new homes get built on our supporter area , why cant we have a progressive owner with a vision ?

15 thoughts on “Roland Out !

  1. Totally agree with your analysis but think you’ll find it was me who back in early January (see animal @ Teamtalk) who sussed out ol’ Duchbag (also mine) and was suspicious of what was going on au commencement of his reign as new owner. All the same I agree with Roland Out !

  2. That is hardly going to help at this time of the season. Focus your efforts and get behind the teams and worry about that at the end of the season!!!!!

  3. Nah, you’re both wrong. Where would we be with Jimenez / Slater now? Administration?? CP an absolute legend, but let’s face it, we were bottom if the league and plaing shite… Not entirely his fault, Jimenez is to blame, but you play the cards you’re dealt. Unless of course this is all tongue in cheek, and I missed the point….

  4. you can’t lay the blame for Poyet leaving, if he does, at RD’s door. He’s been offered a contract but not signing it, as is his perogative. And what about the academy plans? And what about dispensing with a Manager who has guided us to six wins all season and the lowest goals scored in the entire football league? Not everyone is unhappy about that, far from it.

  5. I don’t agree at all. We were going into administration and getting relegated before the takeover. Do you not think Stephens and kermorgant would have not been sold if he went into administration and sold for a lot less than we got. Also beggars can’t be choosers at least we now have a bigger squad to deal with the games ahead and it seems to me the new manager wants to play football and get forward quickly. Unlike Powells slow build up that went no where then back to centre backs for a hoof up the field give the new owners a chance before being so critical. Let’s just support the team instead of moaning about the owners.

  6. Look, I am all for giving the new owner a chance, it cant hurt none to wait at least until the end of season, unless of course Roland decides to do away with all the hotdog and burger bars around the ground, and insists on bringing in belgium buns instead, now that would mean a bridge to far!.

  7. Just like to know who you are including in the “we’ve had enough of him” by the replies you have had and a fair percentage of comments on the Charlton page on Facebook not everyone is in your camp. Also what has the new guys age got to do with it, are we excluding all managers who are over Powells age from applying in future….industrial tribunal on the horizon i think.

  8. Over the top , give the guy a chance he took over in January and the club we’re going no where except into administration. He’s going to spend £600 k on the pitch and has just submitted very exciting plans for the training ground and academy. I loved Chris Powell the man and player and yes we got promotion but the style of football was at times awful although I except he was not given the funds to improve the squad, let’s see what Riga can do and at the end of the season rant all you want but get behind the club and stop the moaning. Phil

  9. Sounds good to me. Now, if you put up say 10 million quid and I put up 10 million we can buy him out and get our good old Charlton back. What’s that, you havent got 10 mill? Well never mind, perhaps Jose needs some free help with the team selection and tactics as you’re probably pretty good at that as well.

    As has been said above, we’ve been shite so let’s give the new regime a chance!

  10. Everyone !!!!!!!!!! Powell had gone for what it’s worth I’m glad at this time in his career he had to. he was not learning well in the job making the same mistakes time and time again! And nobody knows what will happen with RD and for what it’s worth if we have good enough players to even be thinking about playing in the champions league then I’ll be delighted means we will be watching good football and good players and the won’t be going to SL if they are that good premier teams will have them. CAFC always have sold and always will do! YK and DS didn’t wanna play for us anymore so didn’t sign their contracts they got offered JJ has so fair play, Get behind the board manager and players 3 points please tonight!!!!

  11. Well well 5 points from 3 games not bad , I would like to be the first to start a “Let’s get the Albury Addick out”, he has obviousley got a man crush on CP (must be a Surrey kind of thing) and doesn’t like hotdogs ( they are great buy the way). Roll on Roland I say.

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