Hot Dogs

After yesterdays concerted grief I got from commenters ( lighten up a little -it was a bit tongue in cheek !) – I thought todays headline is a bit more PC
Whilst I thought the whole team put in a really great shift last night , werern’t Cousins & Poyet absolutely magnificent . If we could add some creativity and a striker , bring Solly back ( although Wilson has got better & better ) , it would be a really great base to build a team around for next year .
I hope the new regime are moving heaven & earth to try to keep Poyet for a bit longer – he really is outstanding .
As for the new Hot Dog stands in the East Stand , my mate says he doesn’t care what division we are in – he’s going to keep coming just for those tasty new hot dogs
There you are that’s one for Roland and the new dawn .

7 thoughts on “Hot Dogs

  1. Very sorry about getting heavy yesterday. General doom and gloom just got to me. Anyway upwards and onwards with a good result!!

    • Dorsetbum
      Perhaps I went too far ! – but interestingly if you read Peter Varney’s more considered response , its not really any different from mine – except he left out the conclusion – anyway great result and solid performance last night , lets hope we can keep it up

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