Ch- ch- changes

I’m sure its one of the least appealing facets of becoming old which is that you don’t like change . As one who adheres slavishly to government advice -I regularly stick within my limit of 63 units of alcohol a week and often stare at pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow for hours just to absorb some of her tips about a healthy lifestyle.
Hence my horror this week when it became clear that under the new culinary regime instituted under Dr Evil and Vanessa Kensington Katrien Meire Vanessa Kensington, hot pies are no longer available in Crossbars and nor are baked beans. – Is there no end to their acts of vandalism – OK, if you really have to, its OK to sack our best manager in years , get rid of our best players including the only one who could hit a cow’s arse with a banjo , but no pies , no beans – that really is the thin end of the wedge
To be frank, my whole matchday experience, although hugely enriched by the occasional glimpse of Katrien as she glides through the lounge and by Bob Bolder’s incomparable reading out of the teamsheet revolves around whether to go for a Chicken & Mushroom or the highly spicy ( and only available on special occasions ) Balti Chicken.

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