Flicky, fiddly, tippy, tappy football

In my pomp , I used to play no 9 for a team in the Ford League. We were the only ‘white collar’ team in the league and the other teams were called after their locations – The Engine Plant , The Coke Oven, The Blast Furnace , Tractor Plant, etc . Being rather partial to the odd show offy piece of skill, I can still remember the day, with my back to Reg , the York Crankshaft Line’s left back how I perfectly executed a little flick over his onrushing beer belly. Satisfying as it was at the time , for the remaining 80 minutes or so , I had to suffer a whole range of threats involving where a York Crankshaft might end up in my anatomy and numerous attempts at maiming me . I decided from that point onwards that flicky football had no place on the fields of rush green and romford.
I’m sorry to say this , but I’m a bit worried that Astrit and Reza might be a bit partial to the old flicky, fiddly, tippy , tappy stuff.
Which brings us to Nottingham Forest’s new manager , Neil Warnock. I might be wrong but Ive got a feeling he might be related to Reg from the Crankshaft line

Oh dear…………….

One thought on “Flicky, fiddly, tippy, tappy football

  1. Having learnt my football in playgrounds and various cabbage patches (sorry football pitches) of SE London in the 60’s and 70’s I quite like the flickey tappy stuff which you had to do now and again in those days to avoid serious injury. That said it only works if it is to someone on the same side, get them doing that and we have half a chance of scoring a few goals.
    Ps. I thought young Diego was fantastic on Sat, how long before they flog him I wonder??

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