The Stress of it all

At one point last night , I turned to my mates and asked them if it were possible for Charlton to play all their games away from home and I just send them the money for my season ticket & Crossbars membership. It was suggested that maybe the new regime could turn Crossbars into some kind of spa resort so that I just turn up for a massage and a hot tub to go with my pie beef curry and a pint , without having to watch the game.

It’s just far too stressful isn’t it ? When it was over I’m not sure who was more exhausted, me or the players.
To add to the stress someone in the Highways agency decided to close every main road between Charlton and Guildford so I didn’t get home until midnight.

It is fun , isn’t it ??? – See You next Tuesday aaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh……………………..

4 thoughts on “The Stress of it all

  1. You’re dead right about being stressful. Those last 15mins last night were agony. We have to remind ourselves we do this by choice, as nothing else I know would get the same tolerance.

    Imagine if we was just another boring predictable mid-table club…

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  3. Likewise , I thought I was going to choke on my third hotdog when 5mins of extra time went up , if only the bloke on the side line in the sharp Italian suit had brought Obika on sooner I wouldn’t have suffered a near bloody heart attack in the last quater of the match.
    Thought Poyet and Cousins were brilliant again.

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