The madness of King Roland

1)Buy a Football Club , sell its best players including its only striker.
2)Send them lots of unfit and relatively useless players from the parent club or on a recommendation from a bloke you met at a dinner party (Pete the Pole)
3)Ensure that c 70% of your other best players are playing with the contractual uncertainty that they could be unemployed from July.

Feeder Club Update
Charlton – relegation zone
Alcoron – relegation Zone
Ujpest – just above the relegation zone
Carl Zeis Jena – 4th in the 4th Division. – something to look forward to then !

Football Clubs aren’t proper businesses. They lose money and lots of it . Performance is directly related to the budget.
Unless Roland flips the club to a new owner who has deeper pockets and some ambition or changes his ‘modus operandi’ be prepared for a continuing decline

6 thoughts on “The madness of King Roland

  1. My thoughts exactly, Albury.
    After 52 years, all the highs and lows, just doesn’t feel like my football club anymore.
    Maybe I need a break. Might see out the rest of the season at Park View Road where I first watched football back ih the late 50’s early 60’s. Come back Mike Glicksten, all is forgiven.

    • David
      Its painfull isn’t it ?
      Frankly I’d really like to go to Australia for a month now and not know what the results were until I came back .
      Unfortunately I’ve bought my Blackpool tickets now !

      • Painful to be sure. It’s the complete and utter impotence of our so called strikers that is so depressing. Even during all those relegation fights in the 60’s and 70’s and early 80’s we always had decent goalscorers. Leary, Firmani, Edwards, Matthews, Tees, Tracey, Killer and Flash. What price just one of them now. I know I really should leave the past in the past, but the future seems so goddam awful to contemplate right now.

  2. Reality summed up concisely. Been saying the same since January. There are a lot of really naive Charlton fans out there who simple can’t see it though.

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