The feeling

When Callum Harriot’s volley hit the back of the net for the 3rd goal, the feeling of pure joy is really hard to describe . All those endorphins being released rushing to your brain at the same time. Its probably an even heightened experience at the Valley because the endorphins have become used to sitting on the anatomical sub’s bench all season
The only other things in my experience that come close are , well , you know what, and actually scoring the goal yourself. Theres a point after 6 pints of Stella that provides a moment , but I think the endorphins are generally rushing in the other direction.

Its difficult to say whether its actually good for you – the net effect of all those hormones suddenly hitting my head resulted in bloodshot eyes , a sore throat and golfers elbow from all the fist pumping.
Most of the season I really wish my Dad’s hobby had been fishing instead , but then it happens- the feeling.

See you in Blackpool , son .

2 thoughts on “The feeling

  1. Spot on.
    But: I sent my son on a Liverpool Legends football course once and he came back and said that David Johnson (European Cup winner) had told him (8 y/o) that scoring a goal was better than sex. What’s sex dad?

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