UKIP’s Nigel is a Nigel

To be honest , I have been finding it difficult not to warm to Nigel Farage . For a starter he didn’t go to Oxford or Cambridge and wasn’t schooled at Eton or Westminster , so that’s an enormous positive . Secondly , when he appears alongside other seasoned politicians as on last nights Question Time , his arguments are generally more sensible and persuasive , particularly with regard to the European Union . On this subject , to my mind, the minute we decided we didn’t want the Euro( the right decision), we effectively rejected monetary union and therefore political union at the same time and so we decided that we didn’t want to be part of the European union then . I’m not sure why we need a referendum , weve already decided the answer .

Anyway , my point was that I have been looking for a reason not to vote for Nigel , a chink in his personality , a flaw in his judgement and as I munched through my Special K this morning reading The Times, my Damascus moment arrived. Apparently , Nigel is a Nigel , a Glazier , a supporter of a team whose name I dare not speak.
Its a shame , but there you have it ,what greater judgement flaw can you have ,that’s enough for me , the man is a confirmed madman and a danger to the UK .

Long live Dave , Ed , Nick , Natalie ( she’s the leader of the Greens in case you don’t know) ……… in fact , anyone but a Nigel.

btw Blackpool was great fun ……………

18 thoughts on “UKIP’s Nigel is a Nigel

  1. Regarding Nigel Farage – History recalls another individual who rose to power on the crest of a wave of hysteria went by the ‘Hitler’!! Be warned!

  2. He could have a season ticket for Crossbars and the Upper North and I still wouldn’t vote for the slimy, scaremongering little England tosser.

    He’s a dangerous force who has been given too much of a platform so his views are now considered almost ok, when not long ago he was leader of a fringe Nutjob party.

    Just my opinion of course.

      • Hmmm.
        Not particularly!
        He seems an ok bloke- I just don’t find him that funny.
        Maybe if I had a time machine to take me back to the mid 70’s, the world would be different and I’d be belly laughing with everyone else?

  3. It appals me that next season I might be sitting next to someone who would even consider that scumbag to have any credibility. His ‘sensible & persuasive’ arguments are based on manipulated & downright false data. In other words, he is a frequently exposed liar; someone, I would hope, who would feel more comfortable at Selhurst than SE7.

    • Ian
      Isn’t politics great ! Its a bit harsh that you would be appalled to find yourself sitting next to someone who’d even considered voting for someone else and decided not to .
      You might struggle to find a seat on that basis.

  4. Nigel Farage is a great speaker and has a big personality, just like another party leader who put all our problems down to immigrants etc, His name was Oswald Mosley. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  5. a) it was Gordon Brown who decided the UK did not want to join the Euro not a people’s referendum.
    b) Rejecting monetary union with Europe does not equate to wanting to drop out of the EU (and hence opt out of the free trade agreements).

  6. He’s an opportunist Farage …He’s taking the EU’s money as a member but betraying their cause for some cheap personal gain. I see the Hamiltons have climbed on board…..say no more!!

  7. J

    Appears to me our conversation last Saturday morning in the pub is being put to the test !!

    13 and counting !, personal best ?


    • Russ
      I wouldn’t mind but all I said was he was a madman , a Palace fan and I’m not voting for him – doesn’t seem too controversial.
      Looking forward to next season’s jaunt already , £1.89 a pint , I’m still shaking my head about that one
      take care

  8. Spot on Marco. Blaming immigrants & Europe might appeal as a simple solution. But the wealth of our country is built by immigrants & international trade.

    And if we leave the EU we all have to pay membership costs to stay in the economic block. So we would be letting all the other EU nations write the rules! Countries like Malta & Cyprus would have more influence than Nigels little England.

  9. Well done Albury. I was wondering what was going to keep us going until Roland buys all the stars from the World Cup to get us up next season. Politics.

    • Pete
      I was thinking of doing a piece about vegetarians or fox hunting next or maybe Scottish independence . But I rejected all those in favour of a Charlton related blog on the benefits of retaining a nuclear deterrent . It should be a real humdinger

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