Did Defender Dorian Dervite Do Detailed Due Diligence on Dougie Deal

On the news the our Dorian seems to have signed a lucrative long term deal for Bolton.
Much as they seem to be a nice family club with friendly supporters , aren’t Bolton supposed to be Bust, Bankrupt, Brassic – even more than us.
Anyway, that’s what the BBC said not long ago .
see, http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25559504

10 thoughts on “Did Defender Dorian Dervite Do Detailed Due Diligence on Dougie Deal

  1. Bolton don’t owe the vast majority of the £163 million debt to the banks but the owner himself, who owns the club, so the debt isn’t really a problem providing the owner doesn’t want to recall the debt anytime soon and even if he did, the club wouldn’t be in a position to repay the debt and the club going into liquidation wouldn’t be a viable option for the owner.

  2. I think Bolton owe about £3 million to the Bank. Eddie Davies the owner is owed the rest. Not great but only what Chelski have done with Avramovic, Cardiff with Tan. There’s a team playing in the Champions League Final this weekend that is skintight and doesn’t ‘own’ many of its players. Atletico Madrid, who incidentally Bolton knocked out of the UEFA cup only a few years ago! I don’t think Dervite will be earning mega bucks but obviously more than Charlton have been paying. His wage will be a fraction of that paid to the likes of Mears, Eagles and Knight who have now gone.

  3. Doubled Dervite’s wages but he was only on about 6-7 grand at Charlton. Bolton aren’t skint they owe about 12 million to the bank and the rest to the owner and it’s a loan, even if he asked for it back today Bolton have 10 years to pay it, that’s how the loan is structured! Now that FFP is coming in Bolton can’t rely on their owner anymore so things are a bit tight but getting rid of the like of Eagles, Knight & Mears takes about 90-100 grand a week off the wages so we can afford 12-14! Don’t worry about Bolton’s financials concentrate on your own and thank your higher power that you weren’t relegated!

    • Well said Mick. If Charlton cannot compete for players at the wage levels that you are quoting then next season could well see another relegation battle. By the way, I sincerely hope that by ‘higher power’ you don’t mean the new owner!

  4. By the way our owner is 63 fit as a fiddle,Bolton born made his millions with his invention on electric kettles.If he dies then Wanderers have 20 years to pay it back,if left to family.Who knows his will it could be 50 years before it all has to be paid back.If he lives till 90.then whose to say he is going to leave it to be sold.Who has read his will.Man U owe the glazers bankers £600-000-000 or did.Worry about not slipping back in to leauge 1.We will worry about ourselves.You worry about survival again.

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