Bob Peeeeeeeeters

Hot on the heels of our takeover by a hitherto unknown Belgian businessman and the appointment of a hitherto unknown Belgian temporary manager , we got the welcome news today that we now have a hitherto unknown Belgian full time manager.

Peeters , a former centre forward, who learnt fluent English at MillWaal during a highly successful 3 goal spell over 2 years and 25 error strewn appearances commented on his appointment ‘Luverlly Jubbly, Its f——c—k–g great innniit ,know what I meen ,  wot not and dem uver fings ‘  

Vanessa Kensington , Charlton CEO commented , we are delighted to welcome Bob , after a short and relatively ignominious management career so far , he is just the sort of relatively unknown Belgian we had been targeting. We interviewed lots of poorly qualified French speaking and Flemish speaking Belgians , but it was the ability to speak Millwall that tipped it for Bob

Bob and I are looking forward to packing the squad with lots of cheap young talented ,les deux pieds gauche ( as we say in Liege) and hitherto unknown Belgians.

Octogenarian owner , Roland Dutchatalet , commented following his afternoon nap , there were many choices for us , but what eventually swung it was the fact that give or take the odd additional vowel , Bob had the same surname as your Martin Peters who won the 1966 World Cup. We are expecting Bob to be at least 10 years ahead of his time too

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